EarthTeam programs empower youth to become lifelong environmental stewards. Students implement action projects that provide active learning about environmental science. They engage in peer-to-peer education activities, sharing their school-based service-learning projects with other students. EarthTeam's leadership opportunities promote pathways to college and environmental science and technology careers.

EarthTeam was formed in 2000 by a coalition of educational, environmental, and governmental representatives who saw a need to provide community-based, curriculum connected environmental programs for overwhelmed high school and middle school teachers who lacked the time or resources to create such programs. Many secondary school students and teachers felt disconnected from others of similar interest and discouraged by the lack of interest in environmental issues among the general student body. EarthTeam was created to support these teachers and students in connecting with each other, increasing knowledge of pressing environmental issues, and participating in hands-on educational projects.

New projects have been developed over the years as the need has arisen. EarthTeam's current students learn about sustainabilityenvironmental restoration, climate change, waste reduction and watersheds. EarthTeam’s highly qualified educators conduct a variety of in-class, field-based and after-school programs that provide leadership opportunities for youth.  


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"I think that environmental organizations such as EarthTeam are very inspirational. The things they're doing are not only helping to keep the environment clean and healthy, but also keeping a heritage/culture. I want to pursue a degree in environmental science! I enjoyed learning new things and actually restoring the environment."
Nhat Tran, student, Oakland HS