Adreonna Blackmon

March 2013
Skyline High School

EarthTeam's Student of the Month is Adreonna Blackmon of Skyline High's Environmental Justice League, an after-school group that's adopted a space of Redwoods on campus to help restore! Adreonna has demonstrated unusual, quiet dedication and enthusiasm for the project. Adreonna is very observant of her surroundings, noting different crow calls and meeting behaviors, wasps nests, and other natural occurrences on campus, even before joining the program. Her artistic talent birthed our new logo, and her research skills have launched a plan for two bird nesting boxes to be built and installed on site. She does not hesitate to volunteer for research projects that ask her time outside of our after-school meetings. We are so honored to have her in the League!

From Adreonna, " The reason why I joined Environmental Justice League is because I wanted to do something for my school before I graduated, also by joining EJL it would bring me a step closer to additional knowledge and understanding of different types of species. I'm passionate about learning, studying, and working on fieldwork with many types of specimens as well as discover new things with other people."