Angela Ponze

April 2011
Pinole Valley High School

Angela Ponce is awarded this month's Student of Month Award for EarthTeam. Angela (pictured second from the right in the photo) was born in Martinez, California and is currently a senior at Pinole Valley High School. She has been a member of the Environmental Studies Academy for the past three years, and in Creek Group for the past two years. She enjoys working on projects to help improve her local community, especially on creek clean-ups and restoration projects under the mentorship of EarthTeam's Restoration Director, Kevin Sherrill. According to Angela, the Environmental Studies Academy and EarthTeam's Restoration Program have helped her become more environmentally conscious of her actions at school and at home. She is always thoughtful about reducing waste and ways that she can volunteer to spread awareness or preserve biodiversity. Two activities that Angela has enjoyed this year were attending the Brower Youth Awards and the Goldman Environmental Awards. These awards made her believe that "one person can make a difference in their community". After she graduates, Angela plans on serving her country in the U.S. Navy as either a Nurse or Marine Scientist.