Candy Sykes

June 2012
American HS, Fremont

EarthTeam is proud to recognize Candy Sykes from American High School in Fremont as the Teacher of the Month. Sykes, a Chemistry teacher and Science Department Chair, leads a wide range of environmental efforts on campus and in the community. On campus, Sykes has established a model school recycling program. Her team of students are able to recycle the entire campus and sort materials in 20 minutes each week. Funds generated from the recycling program are reinvested in campus beautification efforts and scholarships for environmental leaders. Sykes has also established a school garden on campus, converting a 1/3 acre weed covered lot to a garden highlighting creative reuse of materials otherwise destined for landfill.

In the community, Sykes' Re:Use Team of students lead environmental workshops teaching paper making, t-shirt rug weaving, and jewelry making from spent gift cards. This year the Re:Use team presented at the city-wide Eco-Fair in the Fall and the City of Fremont’s Earth Day festival in the Spring. Students also led workshops at the Maker Faire and EarthTeam’s Leadership and Environmental Action Forum. In addition to her efforts to support her own students, Sykes also advises a group of students from Fremont’s 5 high schools that have come together to work on a common goal of protecting the environment.

Thank you Mrs. Sykes for your dedication to building the next generation of environmental leaders!