Catherine Kuhn

December 2011
Skyline High School

Catherine Kuhn, who teaches Biology at Skyline High School in Oakland, has participated in EarthTeam's Waste Action project and Eco-Stewards project. Ms. Kuhn brings professionalism and endless support to her students. Recognizing the opportunity and the benefits for her biology students, Ms. Kuhn enlisted all of her freshman classes in the Waste Action project. Through this project, students got a memorable glimpse of the school's waste stream by auditing a sample trash can, and collectively brainstormed methods for reducing the large amounts of waste that Skyline High School generates daily. After working with EarthTeam's Waste Action staff on the initial audits, Ms. Kuhn took on the task of leading her students in two waste audits on her own (not a light task!), to ensure that her whole freshman biology class became aware of the waste issues and contributed to the solutions at their school.

 Despite her busy agenda, Ms. Kuhn still finds energy, time and vision to bring academic enriching programs like Eco-Stewards and Waste Action to her students.

 “This week we have being talking about natural cycles of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, as well as the waste stream, the waste audit is aperfect fit, I’m SUPER STOKED about this!”-- Catherine Kuhn

 "I had the honor to work with all five of Catherine Kuhn's freshmen biology classes. Ms. Kuhn worked out a way for all of her freshmen to be involved in the program by proposing naturalist hikes on Skyline's beautiful redwood campus during class! She worked closely with me over the three days of hikes and classroom visits to tweak and adjust the curriculum for each consecutive class, improving the activities as each class experienced them. I am honored to have been with Ms. Kuhn those three days to see how she tirelessly works to ensure the best possible experience for her students. I look forward to our next class visit and field trip to Joaquin Miller Park to restore with the Friends of Sausal Creek in the spring!" -- Chiara Swartout, EarthTeam's Restoration Director