Chiara Swartout

April 2014

Chiara Swartout is the EarthTeam Teacher of the Month for April. As a dedicated restoration leader and staff member for the past 6 years, Chiara has worn many hats for the organization and contributed greatly to the formation and success of many of EarthTeam's well loved programs such as EcoStewards and internships such as Richmond High School's Aqua Team, and Skyline High School's Environmental Justice League.

Chiara loves working outdoors directly with students and sharing her wide knowledge of everything from redwood to marine ecosystems with students and teachers alike. She has advocated tirelessly for students to have real, hands-on experiences with service learning projects that have resulted in litter clean ups, nature walks, outdoor classroom creations, peer-to-peer teaching opportunities and a lot of wonderful memories for students engaging with nature while making friends and an impact.

Chiara recently moved on from EarthTeam this April and so we want to take the time to honor her for everything she has contributed to EarthTeam. We are very grateful for all of her time, creative energy and dedication to the students, teachers and schools she worked with as well as the support and focus she shared with EarthTeam as the organization has developed over the years she has been here. Thanks for all the great work Chiara!