Kim and Gloria "Jack" Mejia-Cuellar

May 2012
Fremont Federation of High Schools, Oakland

Kim and Gloria “Jack” Mejia-Cuellar are seniors at Media Academy, and they will both be attending Yale in fall 2012! Both of the twins are varsity policy debaters in the Bay Area Urban Debate League, with Jack serving as Captain of the team.

Kim is the Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper and is a published fiction and news writer. Her work has appeared in the Oaktown Teen Times, the Green and Gold, 826 Quarterly, and EarthTeam’s the Green News. Kim gives back to the community through volunteering at the school library and tutoring children at 826 Valencia.

Jack, who has interned at the Oakland Tribune, is hoping to major in political science and utilize her skills to help her low-income community. Her book review, “Can Vampires Build Your SAT Score?” won third place in the 2010 Northern California Press Women High School Journalism Contest.

Kim and Jack created the Green News’ debate column. Click here to read their latest debate.

“The environment is an important subject, and I want people to be educated about the issues we are facing today. Hopefully the debate column will shine light on some of those topics and show people different view points.” – Kim Mejia-Cuellar

“I’m thrilled that people read my work, especially the debate column. The Green News is a respected website, and being part of it is such an honor. I look forward to providing my work to the site and helping it grow.” – Gloria “Jack” Mejia-Cuellar