Dr. Carolyn Cover-Griffith

February 2013
Alameda High School

Dr. Griffith loves science and teaching. She believes that science must be taught to everyone to help make the world a better place. She believes that teaching high school students about the environment will change the world for the better. She always encourages her students to use the knowledge they gain in her classes to make informed decisions and to work for a sustainable future.

Dr. Griffith started out her education at UC Santa Barbara as a Biology major, then went on to San Francisco State University for a Masters in Physiology and then a Ph.D. in Endocrinology at UC Berkeley. She started her career as a biomedical researcher at the University of California, Berkeley studying cancer. She has always loved teaching, so she switched her focus after a few years by teaching molecular biology at California State University, Eastbay. Then, she taught at Alliant University for a credential class for high school science teachers. At UCB, she mentored high school students and co-taught Molecular Endocrinology. But in August 2000, she started teaching AP Environmental Science and regular Environmental Science courses at Alameda High School. From then on, she made a big impact on her students and taught them about ways to make the world a better place.

From ET staff, Ilse Villacorta:

I know Dr. Griffith not only from the recent Waste Audit that we did but because she was my AP Environmental teacher back when I went to AHS. She was the main inspiration for me in taking an interest in the environment and for becoming a more proactive person and student. She has an infectious energy that allows people to feel empowered to change the world around them. She is always positive and has been the driving force behind having AHS implement a composting and recycling system. She has attended LEAF in the past and looking to attend again in the future.