From EarthTeam Participant to Staff

Ilse Villacorta’s introduction to the environmental world began on the day she walked into an AP Environmental Science class and saw a small group of students led by an impassioned teacher. She saw that although the group didn’t have an army of people, they were still able to accomplish much and decided she wanted become a part of that. She became deeply involved in the Sierra Student Coalition at Alameda High School and even became the club president by her senior year. She has used perseverance, communication, and hard work to achieve her goals which have ranged from establishing a recycling and composting program before graduating from high school to interning at University of California Berkeley at a Forest Pathology laboratory the following year when she took a break from schooling. She was one of the initial members of the Youth Advisory Board at EarthTeam and provided input in planning the annual L.E.A.F overnight trip to Camp Arroyo. It was during her gap year volunteering with EarthTeam that she realized how much helping the earth and the community meant to her. It was with this mindset that she made the choice to study environmental science. She kept in touch with EarthTeam and was delighted to hear that there was an open position which would teach her many things relevant to her studies. She is excited to begin this new chapter and hopes to learn as much as possible.

"Working with Earthteam, I have learned a lot about communicating and expressing my ideas and have learned how to be more proactive." -- Ilse Villacorta