March 9, 2018


I really enjoyed that it was the first time working as a team. I think it was the perfect place to learn about Asthma because we got to play in the play structure after learning about Asthma and it made us understand that having Asthma is a serious condition it can limit us from activities that we can enjoy like running.

Though the Leadership Public School Richmond Earth Team had a late start, students were eager to begin working on the Something’s in the Air (SITA) program. We headed to Kennedy...

February 27, 2018


Patricia Alvarado  

Written by: Patricia Alvarado

Today I will be talking about Arthi’s visit. Arthi showed us a video about reducing the usage of cars. The way it showed us was there were six lanes. All of the lanes were used up by cars. Then it showed us people sitting on the ground without cars, people on bikes, buses, and a train like Amtrak or BART.

Each time it would show people on bikes, buses, or trains we would notice how much more space there would be on the street. With that space,...

February 23, 2018


At their last meeting, Kennedy Earth Team students enjoyed time working outside in the sun. Each student researched the environmental impact of one step in our transportation system. They then presented their findings to the group.

I learned that fracking uses a lot of natural resources like water. – Itzel


February 2, 2018

IMG_3960 (1).jpg

This week, the Kennedy Earth Team interns participated in the Martin Luther King Day of Service organized by Friends of the Richmond Greenway. Several organizations hosted volunteer projects along the Greenway including The Watershed Project (TWP). The Kennedy students helped TWP in the never-ending battle against Bermuda grass and other weeds.

IMG_3957 (1).jpg

This MLK day of service also celebrated the grand opening of Unity Park, a public space spanning several blocks of the Richmond Greenway. Unity Park is a result of significant community collaboration and...

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