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November 2, 2017

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For the past two weeks Alhambra High Earth Team has had the opportunity to collaborate with JKF and Richmond High’s Earth Team’s to work on the design and production of a sustainability inspired mural in the City of Richmond.  The Mural, when completed, will depict what the Bay Area is like now–polluted by industry and urbanization, and what the Bay Area could be like–clean waters,...

October 26, 2017

Thanks to the hard work of over 300 interns during the last 3 years, our ZeroLitter campaign has reached a milestone!  Over 60,000 pieces of litter haven been geotagged, classified AND removed from creeks and beaches and 15 school campuses all over the East Bay, from Antioch, to Pinole, Richmond, Oakland, Alameda and all the way to San Lorenzo.  Please visit our webpage where we are hosting this campaign at



October 20, 2017


I am super happy to be a  repeating intern with Earth Team. The internship allows me to be with people who take action to better their environment and their communities. As an office intern,  I miss being around my peers. I’m very used to being around the program coordinators. Since that’s the case, going to events with other interns is really fun because I...

October 20, 2017


* Student Blog *

The shoreline festival was an event where members of the community could talk with organizations who all generally had an environmentally friendly focus. Earth Team attended the North Richmond Shoreline Festival with Kennedy and Richmond High. Kennedy interns worked to make a balloon popping game to teach kids about the effects of climate change. We...

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