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October 10, 2017


During the last three Richmond High Earth Team meetings, interns both learned about sea level rise and prepared to have a table at the Point Pinole Shoreline Festival. The interns have two roles at the festival: the first is to host a climate change game/activity for the community, and the second is to participate in a march to help the community visualize sea level rise. To introduce the subject, guest speaker Lauren Woodfill of The Watershed Project prepared a brief presentation and activity for the interns. Here is what one student had...

October 10, 2017


Back in September, Richmond High School and Alhambra High School teamed up on Coastal Clean Up day to clean up Davis Park’s creek area in San Pablo! Several community members also attend and help the interns pick up trash.


Working in teams, the interns tackled the trash problem using the zero litter app on their provided iPads. The app allowed the...

October 10, 2017



On October 3, 2017 Oakland LPS’ Earth Team headed to the Downtown Oakland Association office to meet with their representatives and discuss the waste issues the city is facing and the plans the city has to face those issues. The interns then hit the streets to conduct a litter survey and obtain specific information about the prominent sources of waste in the area and what might be the leading causes for those sources. Over the

next few weeks, interns will...

October 10, 2017


On September 26, 2017 Oakland LPS Earth Team was introduced to the Watershed Health issues in their community and conducted a watershed litter assessment on campus and the nearby creeks.  Students were shocked to find out the ways that waste effects the watershed and how far litter can be spread through the water system.  Below are some of our members experiences that day:


Olga:  I felt relieved and joyful knowing how we could make a change in our unhealthy watershed. And how we could protect our community and animals. Being able...

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