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March 2, 2018

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On Feb 24th, Oakland Tech Earth Team interns joined Kennedy High, Richmond R&D, San Lorenzo High, and Oakland R&D teams in the Annual YES Conference (Youth for the Environment and Sustainability). Interns participated in a variety of activities and attended workshops all ran by students. It was a great day, and hear is what our interns had to sat about it!

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“I mostly enjoyed two events: the first event where they gave free stuff away

March 2, 2018

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Interns have been working hard trying to figure out a way to institutionalize the 3-Bin system at Tech. An idea was brought up to change Teacher Protocol by purchasing 3-Bin system dolly’s that would remove the need for anyone to dump the bins in the brute stations at the end of the day. Instead, Custodians would have...

February 23, 2018


On January 30, 2018 the dedicated interns of LPS Oakland headed to their second field site along Peralta Creek.  These green leaders devised a plan to test several locations along the creek from the upper head waters to the lowest drainage point, to assess how litter density changes as the creek moves downstream and through the city of Oakland.  Peralta Hacienda Historical Park serves as the teams mid-creek site location.

Masters now of...

February 9, 2018


On February 8, 2018 Alhambra High Earth Team gathered back in the classroom to collaborate and set goals and actions for the months to come.  The team has been tasked with raising awareness about the effects of litter in the Rumrill Blvd communities of Richmond and San Pablo, raising awareness about the effects of litter on their own campus, and reducing the amount litter found on Rumrill Blvd.  To date Interns have removed...

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