April 8, 2015

American H.S. EarthTeam interns have been hard at work addressing the #1 category of trash at their school, materials associated with disposable water bottles.

  • EarthTeam Interns collected over 1000 data points of litter.
  • The most common source of litter was from disposable water bottles.
  • Interns then surveyed 226 of their peers about the water fountain.


April 2, 2015


We’re back at Lake Merritt for another Litter Blitz!

This Saturday, April 4th, 2015 EarthTeam interns from Oakland High School will be hosting our Zero Litter Blitz at Lake Merritt! All ages and groups are invited to participate in this great day of citizen science. bring your cell phone, Instagram, and your curiosity. Litter bags, gloves, and other materials will be provided at the event. Come have fun supporting your community at Lake Merritt. Help us map litter around the lake, earn community service hours, and provide your thoughts on solutions to keeping...

March 30, 2015

Helms EarthTeam interns created posters this week showing the items in students school lunch which can be recycled. Because Helms has a compactor for their recycling, it’s very important that no food end up in the compactor with the paper and plastics....

March 16, 2015

Here’s a little preview of students’ digital art which will be on display around the community, raising awareness about the litter students documented on their campus and how that litter affects marine ecosystems....

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