January 5, 2015

Hello there! In the next twelve weeks we will be exploring the ways in which our middle school students connect with their watershed, and what they can do to address litter on their campus.

Today we learned about ocean ecosystems and food webs, then played a game so that students could experience what it is like to be a small fish trying to stay alive with large predators around.

See you soon!

December 8, 2014
Gimme a break, Gimme a break, Pick me up a piece o’ that Kit Kat bar (wrapper)

The time I’ve spent with the Earth Team crew has been good. It is nice to know that even though its only cleaning our school campus, we are making steps in reducing the amount of litter. Using Instagram, we are able to create a map of the litter located around campus, to see where there is a higher concentration of litter, and think of solutions to these problems.

Earth Team has never been boring. It’s a combination of fun social...

November 6, 2014

Photo of litter found feet away from a trash bin.

In the Earthteam meeting on Tuesday, we went around the campus of our school, American High School, and recorded all of the waste bins outside on campus. We were checking to see if more bins might reduce the amount of litter on campus, so we also checked for litter near the bins too. That was just a recap of the activities on Tuesday so all of you guys can catch up.

I feel like in...

October 14, 2014
#zerolitter #plastic #beneFITbars

So I recently applied for an internship for this organization called EarthTeam. I first started EarthTeam because I needed some hours. At first I thought this would be kind of a pain. But as the weeks go on I started enjoying it more and more. At Earthteam we would do this thing call “litterati” it’s where we would pick up trash around our school and post it on the EarthTeam’s instagram with #litterati #zerolitter and the material of the...

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