October 17, 2018

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The intersection of Rumrill Blvd. and San Pablo Ave. had the chance to finally have a breath of fresh air for the first time in a long while on the 12th of this month; and Richmond / Kennedy interns have to be thanked for that!

2 interns from Richmond H.S. and 1 from Kennedy devoted their Friday afternoon to...

October 8, 2018


If an adjective had to be chosen to describe the aura of this year’s Richmond ET interns, bets would be placed on mettlesome – fiery and full of spirt. Fiery in the sense of the burning sensation that is their conscious, as can be seen through their excitement. Full of spirit from how they refuse to not understand the issues their community faces. In this meeting’s...

September 27, 2018


This was only the second meeting for the Richmond High School (RHS) Earth Team interns and they are already hitting the ground running! This was first meeting after the Coastal Cleanup Day, and they reflected on how much litter they collected. All interns communicated and were in consensus that more should be done regarding litter, and that 3rd meeting was their lucky day!

These intelligent interns...

June 15, 2018

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The year has come to an end! This year Oakland R&D Leadership Public School met 40 times, completing over 100 hours of education and training, including 20 class visits, 11 field visits, 8 public events, and 1 recruitment event! Together, we reached over 850 community members and over 130 peers and faculty on campus!

The highlights of...

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