Gabriella Greene-Dittz

December 2012
Skyline High School

"I joined [EarthTeam] to have an experience close to what I am going to study in college, environmental science, and also to get to be outside more often. What I hope to get out of this program is more knowledge about restoration and some job experience for later in life. What I want to accomplish through EJL is getting to be unrestrained in my ideas of how to save the environment." --Gabby

EarthTeam's student of the month for December is Gabriella Greene-Dittz, a senior at Skyline High School. Gabby is an intern at Skyline's Schoolyard Restoration Project. Gabby has had flawless attendance at all internship meetings and is a vocal contributor to brainstorming sessions for the group's redwood habitat restoration site on campus. Most recently, she researched and conducted a presentation on the Peace on Earthbench Movement, an organization that teaches the public to build bottle bricks from plastic trash and create structures like benches, chairs, etc. from cob and bottle bricks. She hopes to start momentum on campus to build bottle bricks and create a bench for the restoration space.