Jennifer Navarro

April 2013
Richmond High School

EarthTeam's Student of the Month is Jennifer Navarro, an Aqua Team senior from Richmond High School. Jennifer has been an enthusiastic member of Aqua Team who pays excellent attention to detail in her field work and provides thoughtful answers to discussions in after-school meetings. She plans to attend San Jose State to study bioengineering next year. We are proud of what she's gotten out of the program: "Aqua Team has made me realize how you are never too old to start caring for the environment. One of the things I love about Aqua Team is how we build friendship among each member in the group...[by]... making everybody feel welcome. But most of all I love that feeling of accomplishment I get at the end of an outing. It's something special because not everybody is down to get a bit dirty to help out in our own community."

Congratulations, Jennifer and good luck next year and beyond!