Julie Edwards

November 2010
Emery Secondary

Last year, working with Mr. Fishman at San Lorenzo HS, Julie participated with her students in all of the major ET restoration events, including MLK Jr. day, Cesar Chavez Day, Coastal Cleanup Day, the 350.org event at Mt. Diablo, and the Greening the Holidays event. 

"It was great to have such dedicated teachers as Julie come out on the MLK Jr. Day, considering the nearly constant downpour. Most other eventswere cancelled, but I figured if EarthTeam came, we would see the most dedicated teachers and students there too. It ended up being great experience, we planted over 100 plants at the marsh, the rain eventually did clear up, and we enjoyed some nature art with Zach Pine and some pizza." - Kevin Sherill, former ET Restoration Program Director.
Julie has been teaching for the past five years, four of which were spent at San Lorenzo HS, where she helped Mr. Fishman to start the new Green Academy program there. This year, Julie is excited about getting green in her first year with Emery HS, in Emeryville. Julie took a waste audit, provided by EarthTeam, to the next level, creating a curriculum for her Environmental Science classes to run a full lab report. Her classes compared lunch waste at Emery High School to that of the middle school.
"I'm excited about the green wave that's growing at Emery this year. Thanks to IISME and DonorsChoose, I have the resources for each of my environmental science students to design and implement a research project collecting data related to environmental quality. And just today we had the first meeting of our new student "Green Team" -- a group of students excited to bring gardening, food waste recycling, and community clean-up events to our campus. This is thanks in part to inspiration from the waste audit that [EarthTeam] helped us to do."