Justin Jorge

June 2012
De La Salle High School, Concord

Justin, who is a junior at De La Salle High School, first learned about EarthTeam through the Lawrence Hall of Science TEAMS program. Through this program, he participated in EarthTeam's restoration programs at Sausal Creek in partnership with Friends of Sausal Creek. Justin is also a member of EarthTeam's Youth Advisory Board, which was piloted this year.

According to Justin, "Working on the first Youth Advisory Board (YAB) has been a great privilege as I feel that it was an impactful learning experience above all things. The YAB has helped me to develop key skills that I will certainly use in the future. For example, helping the other members to plan the movie matinee featuring the film "Wasteland" taught me how to prepare for an event. Assisting José Luis and Jamilah (EarthTeam staff) at this year's student leadership weekend (LEAF) also gave me experience in planning major programs while presenting at LEAF helped me personally to polish my public speaking skills and allowed me to fully express my thoughts and ideas to others. Along the way I have developed a rapport with my fellow Youth Advisory Board members; it was through our teamwork and the skills of each and every one of us that the YAB was able to thrive in its first year. I definitely look forward to working on next year's YAB!"

The photo shows Justin holding a Tokay Gecko (which is becoming endangered). The gecko wandered into Justin's uncle's house during his visit to the Phillipines. The gecko was captured and then later relased to the authorities to protect. It's been a delight to work with Justin this year, and we're so glad he'll be here for another year as a member of our Youth Advisory Board!