Kateline Barrieau

January 2013
Skyline HIgh School

EarthTeam's Student of the Month is Kateline Barrieau, a senior at Skyline High School and a member of the Environmental Justice League. Katelin has demonstrated a fantastic attitude about her responsibilities within the Environmental Justice League, constantly volunteering to take on tasks outside of our meeting times that are instrumental in moving the restoration project forward. She's also constantly asking about additional volunteer opportunities to enrich her environmental education in both the realms of restoration and agriculture. EarthTeam is thrilled to have her on board at Skyline!

"I joined the Environmental Justice League because I'm always looking for new and interesting ways to support the growth of environment and to be apart of the fight against the declining ecosystem of Red Woods. The ELJ gave such a unique opportunity to do so while furthering my education on the subject in a very fun way! I love how hands on this program is with allowing you to physically revive the environment by planting native plants, removing invasive ones and continuously taking care of the landscape, all with fun people included! I recommend anyone who already isn't apart of The Environmental Justice League to come check out one of our after school sessions and volunteer your time to a good cause, you won't regret it!" -- Kateline