Katie Noonan

March 2011
Oakland High School

Congratulations to Katie Noonan for being awarded EarthTeam's Teacher of the Month Award for March of 2011. EarthTeam has worked closely with Katie over the past several years with our Eco-Stewards program and our "Something is In The Air" asthma awareness program. Katie has been such a phenomenal teacher to work with for EarthTeam staff. Her indomitable spirit, selflessness, and commitment to exceptional educational experiences for her students make her an ideal award winner of Teacher of the Month. We are particularly impressed by her consummate desire to go beyond the education standards and get her students involved in service learning projects where students can learn by engaging in real-world projectsthat expand upon curriculum learned in the classroom. This is exemplified by her weekly trips to Lake Merrit to study water quality with her students, trips to Costa Rica over the Summer, and her involvement in the Eco-Stewards program. This year Katie has been bringing out her sophomore biology students and Junior ESA students to help restore Sausal Creek with EarthTeam and Friends of Sausal Creek staff.