Kevin Jordan

January 2012
Oakland HS Environmental Science Academy
Mr. Jordan has participated in the Eco-Stewards program for several years now, with the student participating in the program when they are sophomores and then again as seniors.  Mr. Jordan goes the extra mile with his students during restoration trips, creating a creek profile and calculating creek speed with some of his students at wild and urban portions of the creek.  
Kevin Jordan grew up in the area west of Palo Alto, in the 1960's and 1970's, when it was rural.  He graduated form Woodside High School, Humboldt State University (B.S. Biology) and Cal State East Bay (M.S. Ed).  Mr. Jordan started teaching science at Oakland High School in 1990 where he organized the Eco Rec Club which, with major help from his colleague Katie Noonan, which evolved into the Environmental Science Academy of Oakland High School (ESA).  They have 10 years of graduates that have attended all of the UC and State schools as well as most of the Ivy League Universities.  
Mr. Jordan is also a trip leader with the Sierra Club which is a major partner in providing environmentally friendly and educational rewards to students in his program.  Every summer, with Sierra Club support, they take ESA students on multi-day camping and white water rafting trips (he's in the back of the raft in the photo).
We are honored to have Mr. Jordan as an EarthTeam teacher.  Regarding the reasons for which he returns the honor, he says, "EarthTeam has been providing outdoor educational opportunities for ESA students for many years.  Getting our students to local parks and developing their understanding of major concepts like biodiversity, invasive species, restoration and water quality has helped ESA students pass AP exams and more importantly become thoughtful citizens.  We are very grateful for the connections we make with EarthTeam."