Khalil Ferguson

November 2011
Pinole Valley High School

Khalil Ferguson was born on November 3rd, 1995 in Oakland, CA. He's been going to Pinole Valley High School for 4 years and likes playing baseball and sports in general; he also likes sign language. He's been in Pinole Valley HS's Environmental Science Academy (ESA) for 3 years.  He would like to plan study trips to Muir Woods and would also like to plan study trips to other redwood reserves, and also to plant a redwood tree at Pinole Creek.  This is his second year as an enthusiastic member of Eco-Stewards.  Khalil has showed impressive initiative during Eco-Stewards programs and takes personal time to think about how he can have a positive impact on Pinole Creek.  We are honored to have Khalil in the Eco-Stewards program   and look foward to planning our spring trip to Muir Woods with him! 

 "I believe we all should be as big as the redwood trees."  -- Khalil