Kyra Wheaton

November 2011
American High School

Ms. Wheaton teaches Environmental Science at American High School in Fremont. EarthTeam’s Waste Action Program is delighted to recognize Kyra Wheaton for her dedication, hard work and vision she brings and shares with her students at American H.S. Ms. Wheaton arranged to have all the Biology freshmen students participate in the Waste Action presentation, with a total 561 students! This has come to be a tradition at American High School.

“I am proud that my coworkers and I have started composting for students in our cafeteria.  Every lunch two freshman students supervise the waste sortingm currently in my 13th year of teaching, having started at Pinole Valley HS and Deanza HS. 

For the last three years I have been teaching AP Environmental Science, which is truly where my passion lies.  As I graduated from UCSB with a degree in Environmental Studies.  While at Santa Barbara, I took a waste management class that has forever made me feel guilt for throwing anything in the trash.  The professor predicted that people will eventually mine landfills for resources.  After college, Americorps sent me to Southern Humboldt where I participated in Salmonid studies for CA Dept of Fish and Game.  From there I spent more time working for Fish and Game in warm and cool water fisheries and took classes at Humboldt State. 

At this time, most of my free time is spent as a soccer mom, where I coach my sons team and play on two of my own teams. My goal is to help create a green academy at American HS in Fremont and still have students take a lab accredited science their freshman year.”

 Kyra Wheaton, we appreciate all the hard work you have done so far, and look forward to seeing you inspire and encourage the young leaders, congratulations!