Mayra Avalos

May 2013

EarthTeam’s Student of the Month is Mayra Avalos, a freshman student in the Sustainable Urban Development Academy (SUDA) at Castlemont High school. As a SUDA student, Mayra is taught indepth curriculum regarding environmental topics. EarthTeam was first introduced to Mayra in Michelle Espino’s class who participated in the Waste Action Project. Mayra was one of the student volunteer’s during the waste audits and showed herself as a leader that day. Mayra was very active during the action planning phase and contributed to the over all concept of her class’s action plan. Mayra is currently decorating recycle bins and distributing them to classrooms to promote in-class recycling on her campus. This semester Mayra reappeared in Mitch Singsheim’s class and participated in another EarthTeam program, the Transportation Action Project. During the action planning portion of the program Mayra again emerged as a leader with the experience she gained during the Waste Action Project. Mayra worked closely with her group to promote collaborative thinking around reducing CO2 through transportation habits. Mayra personally reduced her CO2 emissions and helped her class collectively reduce 15 pounds of CO2 in one week! EarthTeam hopes to see Mayra next year at Castlemont High and to see what her leadership brings to the community for the 2013-2014 school year. Congratulations Mayra and keep it up!