Neha Shah

October 2013
Horner Jr. High School

Watch the interview with Neha Shah below.

Neha Shah is EarthTeam's October teacher of the month. Neha is a special needs teacher at Horner Jr. High School in Fremont, CA who plays a large role in helping students make a positive impact on their campus and community. In addition to her teaching duties, Neha works with students campus wide and helps, "run the recylcing, composting, environmentally friendly activities" at her school. She works with the ASB teachers and student "Green Team" leaders to help keep the campus clean and help students educate others on campus. 

In October Neha helped coordinate two days of waste audits at with EarthTeam and ASB students at Horner Jr. High School. Students are taking the data they recieved during this waste audit and turning it into action to educate their campus about how to reduce waste. 

We are proud to feature Neha and applaud her work and enthusiam getting youth excited about keeping the earth clean. Thank you Neha, keep up the great work!