3-Bin System distribution at Oakland Tech, all the hard work pays off!


On December 19th, the doors of Oakland Tech were opened for a special visit from our interns, today was the day the 3-Bin system would be distributed in all classrooms and hallways! Our group wasn’t alone, we received a lot of  help and support from our additional team members Nancy Demming, Sustainability Manager for Oakland School District, Jeffrey Vickers, Head Night Custodian for Oakland Tech, as well as Joe Senn, Biology Teacher and ET Point of Contact. In addition, interns were visited by Manuel Alonzo, Earth Team’s very own Executive Director and were commended on how hard they have worked throughout the year to make this project happen, as well as hear about how truly impactful this project is.

Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 12.16.45 PM.png

It all started with signing the bins, carefully and meticulously sticking on HUNDREDS of recycling, compost and landfill guides. Once this tedious step was finished, interns broke into teams to divide and conquer Oakland Tech’s 100+ classroom campus.

Another team was in charge of the 14 drop off stations scattered around campus. Intern set up the 3 brutes and hung up a beautiful, education banner guide that went over each station.


It took a whole lot of manpower, but with 14 interns (plus a few friends) in no time the 3-bin system was in all classrooms and hallways!

“I like how we put effort into making a change to help the environment and it’s actually being implemented into our school” -Laurence

Laurence said it best, it feels great to make large strides forward with our 3-Bin System service learning project! Keep an eye out for next semester as we begin to assess the progress of our project and collaborate with faculty and peers to ensure a successful 3-Bin system that works for all!




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