AHS Earth Team joins Litter March!

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On Saturday March 18th, 2017, EarthTeam interns from multiple schools participated in the 2017 Litter March to raise awareness about littering in their communities. Students advocated for no littering by designing posters that were carried during the march. Volunteers walked for two miles starting at Josie de la Cruz Park in Oakland and picked up trash along the way.

We should be more considerate about where we throw our trash because littering can damage our local terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, potentially harming the wildlife within them. One of our main goals is to advocate for and educate our local communities on environmental issues; by having them engage in activities such as the Litter March, the EarthTeam interns and other people within the community were left with lasting impressions that will encourage them to make better choices about disposing their trash.

Written by: Leilani LaBrie and Julie Vu

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