Air Quality Interns Investigate Biking in Richmond


Bike East Bay visited the Richmond High School Air Quality Internship on December 8th, 2016. Cynthia Armour, the Advocacy Manager at Bike East Bay, shared with the interns about ongoing and future bike infrastructure development projects in Richmond. She also spoke about different biking opportunities like Bike to Work/School Day in May.

Armed with a map of Richmond and markers, the interns mapped their current transportation route in a color indicating their mode of travel; for example, driving. Next the interns used google maps on a phone or ipad to determine a legitimate bike route, and they mapped this also on their paper map.

With Cynthia, the interns also discussed why people already bike to school and what prevents them from doing so. The interns will use this information to create surveys to distribute in their school to gather more data about student bike ridership.

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Richmond Air Quality