Air Quality Interns Reflect on Climate Change


The Richmond High School Air Quality Interns have recently started learning about climate change. They reflected on what they have learned so far.

“One surprising fact that we learned about climate changed was that even one degree has change the world dramatically to the point that coral reefs are dying.” -Linda M. and Mariana M. 

“We learned that increasing [the Earth] by one degree can cause a lot of disaster. For example, drier lands, increase of sea level, uncontrollable fires like in Australia[during the ] drought-Ashley S. and Perla S.

When asked about what concerned them about Climate Change many were concerned about rising sea levels and changing weather patterns. One group was most concerned about other people’s awareness of Climate Change.

“What concern us is the drought, we won’t have water or food.” -Jacqueline M. and Briana M.

“That people will not pay attention to the seriousness of the situation.” -Ashley S. and Perla S.

The interns shared their ideas about how to help stop temperatures from rising to a dangerous level. Most suggested using less electricity, stop eating as much meat, riding bikes and public transportation more often, and educating others about climate change. Some had ambitious goals for us.

“We need to try to go vegan.” -Linda M. and Mariana M. 

Over the next few weeks the Air Quality Interns will learn about their own carbon foot print and ways of reducing it.



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