Air Quality Rolls the Dice on Climate Change


Climate change is a difficult topic to comprehend for many reasons, but especially because there many interconnected parts that are not obviously related. How does the invisible emissions from my car contribute to drought conditions on the other side of the world? Another difficult part to understanding the problem, is that many of the consequences are not yet realized and difficult to imagine. What does an increase of temperature look like in my city in 10 year, 20 years, 50 years?

To address these issues, another Earth Team Internship, Skyline, helped create an educational board game that mimics environmental conditions in cities. Players roll a dice to determine the temperature, air quality, and precipitation in their imaginative city. Players also can add things like trees and bikes to their game board to help control heat and pollution from reaching unsafe levels. The object of the game is to increase your city population, which requires the players to keep their city safe from hazardous conditions.

The Air Quality Interns helped the board game entitled Save Our City, to test the rules and make suggestions. They also learned quite a lot about how the pieces of a city fit together to help or hurt urban residents.

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Richmond Air Quality