Antioch Earth Team Water Quality Testing in Marsh Creek


Interns spent their weekly meeting this Valentine’s Day testing water samples from 4 different locations, Lake Merritt in Oakland, Antioch Marina, stormwater runoff near Antioch High, and tap water from Antioch High. Parameters tested were dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, temperature, turbidity, and salinity. Interns learned how to conduct WQ testing and what each parameter indicates and how it can affect species. As well as differences in salinity in Bay Water closer to the Pacific Ocean. Interns first hypothesized what they believed the pH and dissolved oxygen levels would be in each sample, after learning more about pH and dissolved oxygen and where the samples themselves were collected. Interns after the WQ testing than discussed why those samples had differences, especially in salinity and pH. Water samples at Lake Merritt had higher levels of salinity than samples from Antioch Marina, interns hypothesized that this is due to the fact that Lake Merritt is a lagoon where water enters from the bay and is closer to the Pacific Ocean. Interns were happy to discover that their tap water was in normal pH levels, and was very close to being pure water. Stormwater runoff collected had the most the basic pH level, nearing the same acidity level as Drano.



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