Antioch Interns Make Recommendations to Fish & Wildlife Services

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This February our Antioch EarthTeam Interns travelled to the Big Break Regional Office to share their knowledge with our partner Louis Terrazas. Interns put together a presentation summarizing their marine debris data that they have collected all school year long at the Antioch Sand Dunes Wildlife Refugee. Our student leaders connected their data and how the litter on the site effects the local Lange’s Metalmark Butterfly, a near extinct ¬†species. Students ended their presentation with recommendations on how to prevent marine debris at the site. Read some of the student’s reflections on the day below:

“My mini-project for the last few weeks was to present to Louie T about the Antioch Sand Dunes and ways to help and protect the things that live there. The objective was to help and improve the health of the dunes with our suggestions. On the day of the presentation we all went over to Big Break in Oakley and presented in the main office. After we finished presenting each intern shared how they have impacted the environment. I enjoyed hearing what all of my fellow interns thought and how they have been helping the environment.”- Amani Taylor

“My project was the Fish & Wildlife Service Presentation. I choose it because I like to present, I have a passion for everyone’s eyes on me and to know I’m in charge. Our objective was to let Louie know what they can do to clean up and improve their site, also letting him know the excessive amounts of litter and what they can do to decrease such numbers. We got to Big Break in Rae’s van, all the interns went and four of us presented, including myself. I wasn’t nervous since I have been presenting so many times throughout my high school career.”- Zuwenat Zahra-Aganju

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