Antioch Interns Ready to Lead City’s Earth Day Fair!

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This year out Interns at Antioch High School are hosting an Eco Fair for the City’s Earth Day event open to all community members. It is the students’ biggest project of the year. After interns met with the City of Antioch for advice and resources, they reflected on how they have grown as leaders throughout the school year and how that has prepared them for their big end of the year event. Read intern’s reflections below:

“I have grown so much in this internship. So far I have improved my communication skills, public speaking skills, leadership skills, team working skills, and so on. Our whole whole internship as a group has grown tremendously and we have gotten so much closer were literally a family now. I’m looking forward to meeting and speaking to so many new faces and just being around people who all have a common interest on Earth Day. I feel like I will be nervous about the day but  with all the skills I have gained I know I will be able to get through it and be able to interact with so many new people”- Tatiana Mendez

“I’ve grown as an intern by not being so shy and talking up more in discussions. The things that I’m looking forward to on Earth Day is the food, getting other people involved and also getting people to help the environment.  Earthteam has prepared me by speaking out to strangers”- Mackenzie Gumina

“I feel that I’ve grown as a leader in EarthTeam because I have develop better public speaking skills while doing all of our projects. I’m excited for the Earth Day event because it will be our largest event so far. I’m also excited because we will have our own booth and will get to share our knowledge with others who care about the environment as much as we all do. I feel that my growth as a leader has prepared me for the Earth Day event because I am more comfortable talking to people now and we will be doing a lot of that on Earth Day”-Shay Waldrop

“During this internship I have grown in many ways. I have grown as a leader and a member of a team. I have also grown asa public speaker, for the Earth Day festival I am looking forward to planning, interacting with people, and seeing how people react to the festival. My growth as a leader has prepared me for Earth Day event because it’s a lot easier for me to talk to people and organize with them even if I havn’t met them before”- Danielle Marin





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