Bring-A-Friend Clean Up Day a Success at Antioch High School!

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Last week interns brought a friend to a campus clean up and field outing day. Interns wanted to share their skills and knowledge with their friends while giving their peers a chance to see what it is like to be an EarthTeam intern. Here are some of the student’s reflections:

“My project was a Bring-A-Friend litter pick up. The objective was to bring a friend and we’d go to the sand dunes to pick up litter. We started off at school with a data training and a quick pick up then went to the Antioch Sand Dunes to pick up trash there. There were 21 people total. A Highlight was finding out that we picked up over 500 pieces of trash”- Danielle Marin 

“My project was to bring a friend to help clean up our school and the Antioch Sand Dunes. I choose this project because I felt bringing a friend along would help out a lot with the litter clean up. The purpose of the project was to get our friends involved in what we were doing like data training. The day was really good, things went really well. There were 21 people which as all the interns plus our friends. It was really fun to be able to see my friends clean and do what I do on a regular basis.”- Latavia Bates

“I was part of the Bring-A-Friend to EarthTeam project. I choose this project because it sounded super fun showing our friends what we do here in EarthTeam on a daily basis. The objective of our project was to really reach out to others and warn them about all the litter people produce. The day at the sand dunes with our friends was super exciting. There was a total of 21 people. It was so fun picking up litter with everyone having a good time. It didn’t feel like work at all. The highlight of that day for me was really at the end- hearing all the positive feedback our friends had while experience what we do.”- Tatiana Mendez

“My project was a data training at school and a clean up at the Antioch Dunes. The objective of our project was to teach our friends all of our skills in data collecting and litter pick ups. The day was really fun, I enjoyed being outside with my friends while doing something I love which is helping the environment. There were 21 people there. I had lots of fun. Something fun from that day was that we got to go into the water and pick up litter with boots on.” Jasmin Zermeno 



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