Brower Youth Awards Inspires EarthTeam Students

David Brower is a legend in the environmental community. His adventures, political advocacy and thriving spirit have helped bring positive environmental change throughout the world and continues to inspire generations of new environmental leaders. When David Brower passed away in 2000 the New Leaders Initiative was launched as a project of Earth Island Institute. One of the main missions of the New Leaders Initiative is to, "grow environmental leadership by raising the profile of young emerging environmental leaders in North America, celebrating their achievements, and providing them with the skills, resources, and relationships to lead effective campaigns and projects". The culmination of this mission is the Brower Youth Awards which happens in San Francisco every fall. Now in it's 14th year, the Brower Youth Awards ceremony is a celebration of, and for youth environmentalists.

On Tuesday October 22nd, six young leaders, ages 15-22, from around North America became the most recent recipients of the prestigious Brower Youth Award which includes a "$3,000 cash prize, a trip to California for the award ceremony and wilderness camping trip, and ongoing access to resources and opportunities to further their work at Earth Island Institute." EarthTeam was honored to bring students from both the Youth Advisory Board and Richmond High's Aqua Team to enjoy the event and be inspired to continue all of the great work they are doing locally. EarthTeam students enjoyed hearing the stories of the Brower Youth Award winners and getting the opportunity to network and talk with them in person following the event. 

Brower Youth Awards 2013YAB at BYA 2013

One Youth Advisory Board member, Claire Morgan, posted on Instagram after the ceremony with a photo with award winner Chloe Maxmin and the comment,

"Tonight I went to the Brower Youth Awards in SF. I met Chloe Maxmin, founder of #divestharvard, who has been a key leader in climate change awareness. This ceremony inspired me to continue to lead my community in environmental efforts and that my passion for environmental leadership knows no bounds. Thank you EarthTeam for this amazing experience!!"

This is just the kind of response that makes all of our work at EarthTeam and events like the Brower Youth Awards worth every hour of hard work. 

Thank you to all of the amazing Brower Youth Awardees featured last night, to the incredible leaders we are privileged to work with here at EarthTeam, to those we've yet to meet and those in the making. You all inspire us deeply. Keep up the great work and remember what Brower Youth award winner Chloe Maxmin said, "People can summon the courage to achieve miracles."

To see photos of EarthTeam students at the Brower Youth Awards check out this photo album.