Cleaning Hayward

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Have you ever  wondered where exactly litter is hiding? Don’t you ever just want to go outside and combat litter. Well on March 28th, we did just that. On Saturday morning EarthTeam San Lorenzo headed out to John Muir Elementary School, where we met up with the Hayward Regional Parks District to help them out on their event “Keep Hayward Clean and Green”, which is where members of the community come out and do a Litter Blitz to help the fight against litter. Hayward, like many other places, has a litter problem, but the City would like to know what the litter is and where is the main source of the litter, and that’s where we come in. We split up into groups and covered a few blocks around Hayward and Geotagged litter. I was fortunate enough to be grouped with the Mayor herself, Barbara Halliday. We talked about Earthteam and showed her how we used Instagram to GeoTag the litter we found (which was mostly Cigarrette Butts). We reached our meeting point and my first thought was “that’s it?” because I was having a good time and wanted to cover more of the Area, but overall, it was a nice experience.


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