Creating Our Outdoor Classroom


Richmond High Interns have been busy this year with their marine debris reduction efforts at school and in their community. Their focus on educating their peers and community has resulted in interns hosting litter cleanups and spreading awareness through education booths at community events. In the second half of the internship, interns are taking their education work a step further by creating an outdoor classroom for their entire campus community to utilize and enjoy.

On Monday, February 8th, interns came together for a day of research and planning. After much research and revisiting previous draft plans for their ideal classroom, interns created their blueprints for their ideal outdoor classroom.

“My ideal outdoor classroom would have chairs for us to sit in.” – Roxana G.

“Im excited to build the outdoor classroom. Its something new and creative.” – Kevin H.

“I’m excited for planning and then actually bringing our outdoor classroom to life. My ideal outdoor classroom would be something nice with a few seats in a circle and something that people could write on. We could make a nice sign so that people know where it is.” – Valeria

“I am excited to get started on the project. My idea of the classroom would be different. It should have a lot of seats so that a lot of students would come. It should be entertaining and not boring. It should really help others.” – Diana L.

“Im excited for the outdoor classroom because we will interact with nature often. Instead of being in a classroom surrounded by walls.” – Unknown

“I am excited to wrk inside our outdoor classroom. MY ideal outdoor classrooms would have chairs, supplies, and plants all around.” – Ashley S.

“My ideal outdoor classroom includes chairs and a board. I imagine a lot of posters letting people know what’s going on in there. I would want there to be a lot of information on walls or on the board.” – Cristina R.

“My ideal outdoor classroom would have many posters so people would know what’s occurring, from what times the classes are and what is being learned.I would have space for people to sit and places to write. Fun decorations and interactive gadgets about what is being learned and a board to brainstorm ideas.” – Patricia T.

“My ideal outdoor classroom would be more decorated so the people would get attached to it. Also, I want them to feel like they are safe and can speak without being judged. Also I want then to feel like that are not alone. There should be paintings outside.” – Unknown

Over the course of the next couple of months, interns will work together to create a new learning environment for their school. Stay tuned for updates on their outdoor classroom!




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