Crown Memorial Beach Litter Assessment!

Interns, Julie Vu and Yoojin Choi, conducting litter assessment.

Alameda High Earth Team interns spent this week conducting a Litter Assessment of Crown Memorial Beach in Alameda. Interns worked in teams, one was in charge of data recording, and the other trash collecting. Each piece of litter was recorded and entered directly into National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Marine Debris Tracker App. ¬†NOAA’s app allows anyone to make a difference in the fight against marine debris. It is user friendly, and incredibly intuitive and allows users to visually see maps of the areas where litter has been collected, and what type of litter was removed. This allows for interns to determine where litter hotspots are and what next steps can be done to mitigate this build up of litter.

Interns found that cigarette butts and plastic food wrappers were the most common type of litter found at Crown Memorial Beach. Food wrappers were found predominantly in remote areas of the beach, relatively far from trash cans, and cigarette butts were everywhere. Earth Team interns decided that ashtrays near each trash can would be beneficial in mitigating the littering of cigarette butts. Interns will work to determine who to reach out too to make this idea come to life.

Next week interns will be introduced to East Bay Regional Park Ranger, Pamela Beitz, who will be presenting about Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline and the restoration work that interns will be implementing there shortly.

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