DOW Wetlands Preserve Field Day

Dow wetlands-101.jpg

Antioch High Earth Team enjoyed a beautiful and productive Saturday at the DOW Wetlands Preserve located near the Antioch Marina. The DOW Wetlands Preserve was created on Earth Day in 1990, and consists of 471 acres of protected land that is completely open to the public. DOW purchased the land in order to create an environmental buffer zone to protect the bay from runoff pollution originating from neighboring towns, Antioch and Pittsburg. Tidal wetlands and small ponds dominate 200 acres of the land, and provide habitat for endangered and threatened species. The wetlands provide a natural filtration system for water flowing to the bay through Kirker Creek and Antioch Creek. Unfortunately, a vast amount of litter still enters these creeks from storm drains that run through the Preserve. Krist Jenson, a former DOW employee, and current Wetlands Preserve Volunteer, had students help remove litter from these storm drains and also gave them a guided tour of the Preserve. Krist captured the curiosity of ET interns by highlighting the native flora and fauna. The adorable river otters and beavers were the most intriguing to the students. Earth Team will be joining Krist again in January to assist the DOW Wetlands Preserve volunteers in necessary habitat restoration efforts. dow wetlands preserve.jpg

“My favorite part of the field day was enjoying a nice 3 mile walk outdoors while learning all about the species and plants at DOW.” -Jaden Waters

“Something new I learned is that catttails help filter water” -Hannah Ong


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