Earth Team Begins Restoration Work at Crown Memorial Beach


IMG_3014.jpgAlameda Earth Team will now be spending their Thursday after school time helping to restore Crown Memorial Beach with the East Bay Regional Park District. Interns will be working with EBRPD staff member Ross Mitchell to remove invasive species from various locations around Crown Memorial Beach and planting native species. These native species will provide habitat for native birds and other species, helping make Crown Memorial Beach the ultimate birding location.

Interns are still continuing to help restore Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline during their weekend field days. Interns will be hosting a Community Restoration Field Day in February, further details will be provided shortly.

“Outdoor work is so cool because you get physical evidence of the work you just completed”- Alex English

“Our work at Crown Memorial Beach will help our local community and wildlife by reintroducing native species and educate visitors on the importance of these species since they are to put signs up in the garden.” -Leilani LaBrie



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