Earth Team vs. Invasive Species

Earth Team intern, Brenda Moreida, removing the invasive plant species Cape Ivy.

Himalayan Blackberry, Cape Ivy, and English Ivy have proven to be tough contenders against Pinole Valley High interns. These three plant species are non-native and completely dominate areas of Pinole Creek banks. Native plants that help the ecosystem thrive are lacking in resources and space, due to these highly invasive non-native plants outcompeting them. Earth Team interns decided to take a stand against these invaders and remove as much as they could during their 2 hour weekly meeting.

The task seemed daunting but interns worked tirelessly and cleared roughly 340 sq. ft. of creek bank. The area that has been cleared will provide the space for native plants to reestablish themselves. Interns enjoyed the work, and proved to themselves that they could take on even the toughest non-natives. Himalayan Blackberry is covered by very sharp thorns, although with appropriate safety methods and tools, interns removed these tough plants without a scratch. Pinole Valley High interns will continue to remove litter and invasive species as well as test the water quality in order to help keep their local creek and watershed healthy and happy!

Earth Team interns and Campus Coordinator, Julia Dorosh, removing the invasive plants from the site.
Pinole Valley High EarthTeam after clearing 340 sq. ft. of space. 
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