EarthTeam Interns Reflect on Their First Semester

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After a full semester of Marine Debris education, litter data training and leadership project planning the interns at Antioch High decided to take some time to share their experience from their first semester with EarthTeam:

“I participate in the EarthTeam internship at Antioch High School. From this internship I have learned many special skills such as public speaking and working together with my peers to produce an organized and well thought out semester long project. Not only have I learned from this, but I can honestly say that I’ve made 14 new friends. My favorite field outing that we have had was when we had the van and went to the Antioch Dunes. At the Dunes we were able to plant the host plant for the endangered Lang’s Metalmark butterfly, remove invasive species, and clean the private beach along the Delta. I look forward to being able to spend the remainder of this internship with my new friends continuing to do what we can to help our environment, learn and have fun doing it”- Shay Waldrop 

“I am an intern at Antioch High School. This  year I have learned a lot about marine debris and the ecosystems in Antioch including the Antioch Dunes, Big Break, and the Delta. I feel that my leadership and facilitating skills have improved already. My favorite field outing so far has been the trip to the Sand Dunes to plant native species because it was really cool to make a difference. Next semester I am really excited about the kayaking trip and camping trip”- Mackenzie O’brien 

“This semester I have been involved in an internship with EarthTeam at Antioch High School. I have learned many things about Marine Debris and some of the local species at the parks around us like the Dow Wetlands and the Antioch Sand Dunes. My favorite field outing so far has been the one at Antioch Sand Dunes where I got to lead a group planting native species. I liked that field trip because my group worked really well together and we learned a lot about each other. I feel as if the leadership skills I have learned during the internship is communicating better with my peers without coming off as bossy. Next Semester I am really excited about our kayaking trip. I believe it’s going to be a very fun, but also productive day.”- Danielle Marin



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