EarthTeam Interns Volunteer for Arbor day at JFK Park

arbor day 1

EarthTeam Interns at Richmond High School have been working hard inside the classroom learning the ins and outs of urban forestry and on Saturday  they finally got their feet wet. On Saturday, October 24th, eleven interns came out to support Make A Difference Day at John F Kennedy Park in Richmond, CA. Our interns focused on tree plantings along the street side. Read below to see some of the student’s reflections!

“We went to Kennedy Park to plant trees. I enjoyed it because I was in the company of friends and got to do something fun for the community. It felt great to contribute to the park as we now could help the area look better while helping the environment. I learned how to properly plant a tree and the importance of wearing good gloves. Our group’s impact was that we planted nine trees in around 3 hours and manager to do it really well.”- Edwin Hernandez

arbor day- stake pounding

“On Saturday, October 24th we attended Arbor day at JFK Park. We went there to volunteer to tree plant. I honestly had a great time from beginning to end. Seeing all those volunteers there really inspired me and let’s me know that I’m doing something good and productive for the sake of our community. I learned that it takes team work to get things done and on Saturday I believe we achieved what our community is really about which is about being helpful and giving back to our community. I believe our group definitely made a notice there because we planted the most amount of trees and were really working hard. Not to discredit everyone else but RHS (Richmond High School) can really demonstrate to others how good we are when we are really passionate”- Sara Gurdian

arbor day- digging hole

“On Saturday, we went to John F Kennedy park in Richmond to help rebuild it and plant trees. It was fun because I got to learn how to correctly plant a tree, contribute and get involved in the community. I felt part of my city. I learned that since California is in a drought we use  dry water to save and conserve water. Our group made the streets look cleaner and nicer”- Fernanda Martinez


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