EarthTeam Recruitment Begins!


Antioch EarthTeam Alumni, Cassie Lanphere, showing her support for this years internship.

EarthTeam launched their 2016-2017 school year recruitment at Antioch High this Thursday. Program associate, Julia Dorosh, presented to 7 classes consisting of sophomores, juniors, seniors. The energy was high, and students had many questions. EarthTeam Alumni Cassie Lanphere, shown above, Latavia Bates, and MacKenzie Gunian shared their EarthTeam experiences with their peers, and were so pleased with the program they are reapplying this year.

2016- 2017 Antioch High EarthTeam interns will be continuing the work that was started during last year’s internship, consisting of implementing a three bin system on campus, and addressing Antioch High’s litter issue. Restoration work with also be conducted at two sites, Antioch Dunes, and Big Break Shoreline. Interns will be working alongside East Bay Regional Park District staff, and will learn from these professionals about the native flora and fauna and the restoration efforts that allow them to thrive.

The next steps for Antioch High students that are interested are applying online, and scheduling a phone interview with Julia. Within the next two weeks the 14 selected interns will be informed and the internship will begin!!






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