Final Day, Antioch High School Interns Reflect On The Year

EarthTeam, Antioch High School Internship
Antioch High School Interns pose during a litter pick-up event earlier this year.

The school year has almost finished, and another successful EarthTeam internship at Antioch High School has come to an end. From sand dunes to wetlands, this years internship engaged students in a variety of environments. Students also got involved with their local community and school during litter data collection and outreach events.

On their last day students reflected on some of their favorite memories from the year. Some of which included kayaking, hiking, or bringing along friend or family member to help collect litter at an event.

“My favorite memory at this event was that I got to learn how to kayak.”MacKenzie Gumina

“My favorite EarthTeam memory was from the “Bring a Friend” clean up day, because we were able to share what we do every week with our friends and family members we brought with us.”Shay Waldrop

“It’s so hard to pick a favorite memory. There far too many to chose from. Every single meeting was full of good vibes and laughs. Definitely a memorable year.”Tatiana Mendez

Antioch Interns set to kayak in the Dow Wetlands.

Students also shared reasons why they think others should join EarthTeam. Some students emphasized the skills they gained and impact they made, while others considered the connections with others that they forged.

“I believe that students should join because you make new friends, it is tons of fun, you get a great education, you get to be outdoors a lot, and it helps with jobs and colleges.”Cassie Lamphere

“I think other students should join EarthTeam because it helps you grow leadership skills as well as make a difference in the community.”Danielle Marin

“People should join EarthTeam because it is a lot of fun! I learned a lot of awesome things about the world and local environment and met a lot of amazing people and friends.”Amani Taylor

Interns present on their recommendations to prevent marine debris at the Antioch Sand Dunes Wildlife Refugee.

At EarthTeam, we are grateful for the student’s participation and great work throughout the year. We also greatly appreciate the help and support from all our partners and volunteers. We hope that each internship we provide has a lasting impact on all those involved and the local natural environments in which we work. Next year’s internships begin in a just a few short months, and we couldn’t be more excited to get to work.


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