Finishing the year with a visit to the Altamont Landfill!


To finish of the year, SLZ interns piled into the van and headed to the Altamont Landfill, one of the biggest and most technologically advanced landfills in the nation. Joined by Sarah Fockler, Environmental Protection Specialist for Altamont Landfill Waste Management of Northern California, interns went on a driving tour of the 2,000 acre property. It was an eye-opening experience so say the least, and a site that can never be unseen.


This is what our interns had to say! 

“I appreciate how the tour guide made light of such a horrific situation. rather than just being a burial place for our trash and problems they are taking initiatives to reduce the amount of trash we produce as a society.” -Naliyah 

“I thought that today’s trip was super amazing ! The entire trip got me thinking about how I can make an effort in this situation and how impactful putting items on the correct bin really is.” –Tony 

“I learned that we live by one of the most advanced landfills in the world” –Angelo 

“Going to the landfill made me think what will happen when there is no more space for all this trash. I learned the different ways trash goes through to reach the actual landfill. It was an experience I won’t ever forget.” –Edwin 

“I’m a very visual learner who appreciates seeing to learn. Often times I am aware of issues but won’t fully grasp problems until I see it with my eyes or in a documentary. Seeing the landfill in person made me more aware of all the trash I am producing. Whenever I throw something away I’ll be remembering what those landfills look like :///////” –Jessica

“Something I found interesting was that they are allowed to have dead animals up to the size of sheeps in the landfill. I always thought that animal control were the ones that were in charge of disposing the bodies of the dead animals.” –Adan 

“I learned that they try not to make CO2 and there a lot of animals that go to the dump” –Charlie

“I got to learn about waste management and the landfill and how much it impacts the community” –Russell 

“I found it the amount of trash we saw as ridiculous” –Tyler

It has been a great year with San Lorenzo Interns! Our team is looking forward to the next semester with many more exciting projects to come!


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