Gathering Data – a student’s perspective

Photo of litter found feet away from a trash bin.

In the Earthteam meeting on Tuesday, we went around the campus of our school, American High School, and recorded all of the waste bins outside on campus. We were checking to see if more bins might reduce the amount of litter on campus, so we also checked for litter near the bins too. That was just a recap of the activities on Tuesday so all of you guys can catch up.

I feel like in taking part in this activity, we get to really see the impact of the bins before we do anything drastic like asking for more bins. If we asked for more bins, and there is still litter around the bins, then that might just be counter-productive, and maybe a waste of time and money. The higher-up we ask might not see the impact either, and not do anything else for us later when we ask. That would suck, so I think the goal of the activity was to see what course of action to take next.

From this activity, I found out people are lazier than they seem. Seriously though, the bin is like only ten to fifteen feet away, three meters about, and they still choose to litter. Also, even though there are bins close by, there are not bins everywhere, like in the parking lot where the whole parking lot has no trash bins anywhere. Still though, that is no reason for littering, they could hold their trash until they reached a bin somewhere. In short, this whole experience has told me people are lazy, and maybe we need less trash can density, and more spread out in an area. A shout-out to the watersheds (that we learned about during one of the Earthteam meetings).


Markers indicate a piece of litter found within a few feet of a trashbin.

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