Gearing up for Campus Cleanup

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“Numbers have an important story to tell. They rely on you to give them a voice.”

– Stephen Few

Interns at Richmond high have done an amazing job collecting data throughout the internship while interpreting that data to identify litter hotspots at their school. But data collection and analysis is only part of the internship. Interns are taking their findings to the next level by implementing real solutions to reduce marine debris!

Interns are focusing on Education campaigns to outreach to their communities to address this problem. Their latest outreach tactic is their Richmond High Campus Cleanup happening Monday, January 25th at 4PM in front of Richmond High.

“I am part of the Introduction Team. My group explains what we would be doing and give instructions at the clean up. We will be coordinating and making sure everyone knows what they are doing and respond to their question and ask if I have some before the clean up.”   – Patricia Tovar

“I feel prepared to host our campus cleanup next week because I think that we have enough past experience to successfully pull this off. I signed up for the role of giving out safety instructions to the volunteers so that they know how to be safe while helping to clean our school. I will work with my team by making helping people stay safe to make the campus cleanup an event that runs smoothly and is successful.” – Valeria Rocha

Come get community service hours, learn about marine debris and what you can do to reduce your impact, help clean up Richmond High with these young leaders, and have fun meeting new people!


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